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Latest News

  • 2017 Working Party Schedule
    More Details
  • Subs
    The subs meeting will be at 7pm on Monday 20th of February at The Alpine Whitworth Rd, Rochdale. We are still open to new members, please fill in the application form and send to Barry Watkins with photo and money.
  • Matches
    All matches are now finished for this season. Thanks to all who attended. Well done to Alan Knowles (Senior Champion) and Matthew Eaton (Junior Champion)
  • Application Forms
    2017 application form now available.
  • Keep Net Ban
    The committee has voted to put a keepnet ban on all our waters until further notice to reduce the chance of KHV and SVC viruses affecting our waters. We also want all anglers to dry their landing nets, unhooking mats and towels etc before going fishing on any of our waters. Thank you for your co-operation.
  • Match results
    All match results and club championship have now been updated.
    Match anglers are reminded that a 2 keepnet rule is in operation!
  • Working Parties
    "The President, Officers and committee wish to express their thanks to all members that attended the 2016 working parties.
    A great effort by all. Significant improvements to both Syke and Healey Dell.
    Special thanks to the members that gave up their time to work on our waters in the week outside the normal working party times"
  • Ropes
    Some of the ropes on both of our waters have recently been removed without authorisation. Please be aware that the ropes are there to protect the society's fish stocks from predators such as cormorants and goosander, both of which we have had problems with in recent years. As the committee feels that this is a very serious issue, any member found to be removing ropes for any reason will expelled from the club.
    You have been warned!
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Welcome to the RWAS website

We are a medium sized fishing club with a membership of around 150 anglers. Two well stocked waters are available to our members, both situated within 3 miles of Rochdale town centre.

We are now full members of the Angling Trust. Should anyone wish to have individual membership as well as club membership application forms are available from treasurer, Barry Watkins. More information is available at
The Angling Trust website.

Day ticket anglers are welcome providing they are accompanied by a senior member of the society.
Tickets must be purchased in advance, by the member, from Rochdale Angling Centre at a cost of £6 (from 1st Jan 2016). Members are allowed two day ticket guests per session.

Keepnets are now allowed all year round on both of our waters. Please ensure they are fish friendly mesh and are not to be used for any longer than 5 hours. Keepnets are banned for a period of 4 weeks following any stocking.

Due to the on going problem we have with poachers, members will be asked to leave society waters if they cannot produce their membership card.

To ensure The Society is managed in a fair and correct manner, rules and regulations must be observed by ALL members. Although it is a long document, please familiarise yourself with the updated constitution to make sure you are not inadvertently breaking any of The Society's rules.

To try and reduce club admin costs we are again trying to get as many members as possible to accept electronic news-letters etc.
rather than paper copies through the post. If you wish to receive your letters etc. electronically please inform your treasurer using the website contact form.

Can you all please ensure you have renewed your rod license as the new season has started. Random checks are going to be carried out

All general enquiries should be directed to our secretary.

RWAS Treasurers Role

There are an increasing number of good suggestions being put forward by members as to how we can bring the club treasury system up to date mainly relating to how subs and membership fees are paid. I accept all these suggestions as being of interest/use to the club but do not feel that I am the person to implement them.
We need a young/enthusiastic member to come forward and take on this important Officer role and modernise the way things are done. I have resigned at the last three AGM'S but there has been no interest. If anyone does come forward I will be able to help as required. I have been Treasurer for 21 years in total and it is time for retirement.

Thanks and regards - Barry