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Recent visit

I recently visited Syke for a winter fish with Dan Eaton. This is the first time of this year i have been able to go with work and home commitments. The weather was perfect and we both casted our lines out on a still syke water, we were not too confident about if it was too cold for a bite. Within 10 mins my rod indicated a bite with line coming off the reel, i pick up at struct the fish had other ideas and headed right for a underwater snag and after 5 mins came off. After rebating my rig i cast into the same spot. 30 mins and agin the line went and i was in again. This time i managed to play the fish away from the snag and with a lengthy battle land a 13lb carp. Dan was soon into a fish and again after a short battle land a good size carp. On watching life go by i released what fish was all about not only catching good size fish but the ability to unwind from the hassles of life.