League Table

Club Championship Points 2023


Night MatchTreasurer's TrophyJohn KirklandPairs TrophyRalph leachClub ShieldStan BuckleyPresidents TrophyFred GarsideClub cupFur & FeatherTotalBest 10 FROM 11
M. Holland9-868859810677
C. Gorton-10910109--101068
T J Barker--106-667439
P. Griffin10-71104-32
N. Chaplin 5-1-910631
G. Sutton8--94--12731
H. Thwaites (J)-1-45-85-6534
B. Lees-6-10--7-528
J. Byrne7--
S. Vickerman-857-43-27
D. McGarry - Clayton-5425-34326
S. Svejnoha373-31-724
S. Firth-3-34----414
P. Williams--6----410
P. Wyton42-3---9
A. Rowden6--39
M. Fairley---88
C. Blackburn6------6
S Pounder---2---2
J. Talacka----2--2
W. Schmitt---1--1
W. Stott---11
M. Knowles---
L. Shaw---
A. Donoghue---

1. Points per match are awarded as follows:
1st = 10 points
2nd = 9 points
3rd = 8 points
10th = 1 point
Anglers not placed in top 10 will not receive any points.
Anglers failing to weigh-in will not receive any points.

2. Guests will be completely disregarded for the purposes of club championship points.

3. Trophies with more than one leg are classed as one match. (The winner of the overall trophy will receive 10 points).

4. The calendar consists of twelve trophy matches. Your best nine points results will count towards the club championship. (Open matches will not count).

5. The pairs match will be fished as an individual match for club championship purposes.

6. The RWAS club championship will be presented at the AGM to the angler with the most points at the end of the match season. If there is a tie on points it will be decided by aggregate weight.(Only from your best 9 points matches)