Match Fixtures

Match Fixtures 2021

Saturday 28th May 2022Charity match
Procedes to Juniors
Healey Dell1000-1500
Saturday 4th June 2022Night MatchHealey Dell16.00-21.00
Saturday 11th June 2022Treasurers TrophyHealey Dell8.00-13.00
Saturday 25th June 2022John KirklandHealey Dell8.00-13.00
Saturday 9th July 2022Club ShieldHealey Dell8.00-13.00
Saturday 16th July 2022Stan BuckleySyke8.00-13.00
Saturday 30th July 2022Presidents trophySyke8.00-13.00
Saturday 13th August 2022Club CupSyke8.00-13.00
Sunday 21st August 2022Charity MatchHealey Dell8.00-1300
Saturday 3rd Sept 2022Fred GartsideHealey Dell8.00-13.00
Saturday 17th September 2022Brian Notley Pairs Match
Must have completed work party / lets fish event last 12 months
Healey Dell8.00-13.00
Saturday 8th October 2022Ralph LeachHealey Dell8.00-13.00
Saturday 22nd October 2022Fur and FeatherHealey Dell8.00-13.00

Previous Club Champion
1997 Chris Oliver 2007 Simon Newsham 2017 Jason Talacka
1998 Jon Kershaw 2008 Chris Woodrup 2018 Gareth Watkins
1999 Jon Kershaw 2009 Pete Mottram 2019 Gareth Watkins
2000 Graydon Bradbury 2010 Chris Woodrup 2020 Chaz Dowsing
2001 Jon Kershaw 2011 Martin Kenrick 2021 Derek McGarry – Clayton
2002 Jon Kershaw 2012 Martin Kenrick
2003 Pete Fitton 2013 Chris Woodrup
2004 Chris Oliver 2014 Martin Kenrick
2005 Stuart Butterworth 2015 Jack Griffin
2006 John McFarland 2016 Alan Knowles

Lets Fish events 2022

16/4/22 930/1600 Healey Dell Instructors
30/4/22 930/1600 Healey Dell Instructors
7/5/22 930/1600 The Causeway Chadderton Instructors
13/5/22 1800/2100 Healey Dell Instructors
28/5/22 930/1600 The Causeway, Chadderton Instructors
11/6/22 930/1600 The Causeway, Chadderton Instructors
Commonwealth Finals

Inter-club match RWAS VS
Name Peg Weight Points Club