Match Results

Adrian Griffiths Night Match

1st B. Lees, Peg 9, 9lb 2oz

2nd D. Poulter, Peg 18, 8lb 4oz

3rd M. Knowles, Peg 5, 7lb 4oz

4th C. Gorton, Peg 1, 7lb 2oz

5th C. Matthews, Peg 28, 6lb 14oz

6th J. Parker, Peg 30, 6lb 12oz

7th A. Knowles, Peg 11, 6lb 2oz

8th T. Donoghue, Peg 22, 5lb 4oz

9th C. Dowsing, Peg 16, 2lb 12oz

10th T. Clegg, Peg 3, 2lb 1oz





Treasurers Trophy

1st M. Knowles, Peg 3, 23lb 12oz

2nd M. Fairley, Peg 30, 12lb 8oz

3rd C. Dowsing, Peg 24, 9lb 12oz

4th A. Knowles, Peg 13, 9lb

5th B. Lees, Peg 18, 5lb

6th D. Poulter, Peg 28, 4lb 11oz

7th T. Donoghue, Peg 20, 4lb 8oz

8th D. Gallon, Peg 14, 2lb 8oz

9th P. Williams, Peg 16, 2lb 4oz

10 D. Entwistle, Peg 11, 1lb 12oz

10 P. Wyton, Peg 26, 1lb 12oz

John Kirkland Trophy


1st M.Knowles, Peg 22, 13lb 08oz

2nd T. Donoghue, Peg9, 13lb 4oz

3rd C.Gorton, Peg 16, 9lb 14oz

4th C.Dowsing, Peg 1, 8lb 10oz

5th B.Lees, Peg 7, 7lb 13oz

6th D.Poulter, Peg 18, 6lb 12oz

7th D.Entwistle, Peg 24, 5lb 6oz

8th A. Knowles, Peg 5, 3lb 12oz

9th P.Williams, Peg 14, 3lb 8oz

10th G.Eaton, Peg 3, 3lb 7oz

10th M. Fairley, Peg 13, 3lb 7oz

12th P.Wyton, Peg 28, 2lb 14oz

13th D.Gallon, Peg 20, 2lb 6oz

14th S.Svejnoha, Peg 11, 2lb 4oz

15th H.Whyte, Peg 26, 1lb 6oz

Club Shield

1st Matt Knowles 18lb 12oz

2nd Damion Poulter 10lb 4oz

3rd Chaz Dowsing 4lb 0oz

4th Derek Clayton 3lb 12oz

  • Tommy Wayte 3lb 12oz

6th Paul Williams 2lb 4oz

7th Alan Knowles 2lb 2oz

8th Dave Entwistle 1lb 12oz

  • R. Collier 1lb 12oz

10th Adam Knowles 1lb 10oz

Stan Buckley


1st T. Donoghue 12Lb-00oz

2nd D. Clayton 11lb-00oz

3rd M. Fairley 6lb-8oz

4th M.McGarry 4lb-8oz

5th P. Williams 2lb-12oz

6th D. Poulter 0-6oz

Presidents Trophy

1st D. Clayton 38lbs 8oz

2nd T. Donoghue 27lbs 4oz

3rd C. Dowsing 23lbs 4oz

4th M. Fairley 11lbs 4oz

5th D. Poulter 2lbs 9oz

6th P. Williamson 2lbs 8oz

Match results from night match 2021:
Chaz Dowsing 27lb 12 peg 8
John McFarland 23lb peg 30
Matt Knowles 19lb peg 17
Tim Clegg 14lb peg 10
Peter Dowsing 13lb 12 peg 14
Paul Wyton 13lb 4 peg 18
Martin Lees 12lb 10 peg 19
Mark Fairley 11lb 8 peg 28
Lee O’Loughlin 11lb 7 peg 20
Stephen Svejnoha 10lb peg 26
Helen Wayte 8lb 8 peg 13
Craig Gorton 8lb 2 peg 7
Bernard Lees 5lb 12 peg 9
Dylan Dewhurst 3lb 12 peg 27
Danny Robinson DNW peg 24
Paul Dixon DNW peg 25
Dave Entwistle DNW peg 6
Match results from the Treasurer’s trophy:
1) Cain Blackburn 27lb 8oz peg 30
2) Matthew Knowles 22lb peg 22
3) Chaz Dowsing 21lb 12oz peg 7
4) Paul Wyton 18lb 7oz peg 28
5) Derek Mcgarry-Clayton 9lb 14oz peg 2
6) Mark Fairley 6lb 13oz peg 18
7) Stephen Svejnoha 4lb 12oz peg 14
8) Dave Entwistle 3lb 9oz peg 3
9) Eddie Wild 2lb 5oz peg 6
10) Helen Wayte 1lb peg 17
11) Peter Dowsing DNW peg 12
Well done to all the anglers and in particular Cain Blackburn the youngest angler winning with a super bag of fish