Match result 26/6/21
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Match result 26/6/21


once again to Cain Blackburn who won another match today with a winning weight of 16lb 8oz. 👏👏👏 Fantastic and well done to all who turned up and took part 👍👍

Cain B 16lb 8oz peg 11
Chaz D 12lb peg 5
Tony D 11lb 8oz peg 10
Matt K 11lb 4oz peg 20
Derek McG C 7lb 12oz peg 22
Mick McG 6lb 6 peg 2
Eddie W 4lb peg 17
Paul W 3lb 4oz peg 18
Stephen S 3lb peg 25
Mark F 1lb 10oz peg 12
Peter D DNW peg 21