Club Cup Results

Club Cup Results

In what is best described as a difficult morning on syke the club held the club cup comp.

The donors today went to P. Fitton on peg 11 who had a few carp at the end of the match. He was followed by T. Donaghue who also managed to catch a carp right at the far end on peg 22. The rest of us really struggled with no carp showing at all, leaving us fishing for smaller fish. Massive well done to Pete on a good bag of fish.

1st P.Fitton Peg 11 18lb 6oz
2nd T. Donaghue Peg 22 8lb 14oz
3rd M. Fairley Peg 19 4lb 8oz
4th G. Eaton Peg 16 1lb 13oz
5th B. Lees Peg 12 1lb 12oz
6th P.Williams Peg 24 0lb 10oz
E. Wild Peg 18 0lb 10oz
8th D.Eaton Peg 20 0lb 04oz
9th M.McGarry Peg 13 0lb 02oz
C. Blackburn Peg 23 0lb 02oz
D. McGarry-Clayton Peg 15 DNW
M. Knowles Peg 21 DNW