Night match 4th June 2022
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Night match 4th June 2022

First match of the season, night match (Evening actually)

A really hard fought match this evening on the dell. 14 anglers turned up tonight, some new and some old (Not age). It was Cain Blackburn who took the honours tonight even after a slight mishap where his pole was snapped whilst attempting to bring in s carp. Just behind him was Stephen S who nearly missed the match attempting to get to Rochdale from his home in Yorkshire and getting stuck in heavy traffic. it was a third place for new RWAS member Nicola Chaplin who has had 2 good match results in the last couple of weeks, defiantly a name to watch this season. well don’t to all who fished and well done everyone for an amazing total weight.

1st Cain Blackburn peg 28 weight 45-8
2nd Stephen Svejnoha peg 30 weight 41-0
3rd Nicola Chaplin peg 27 weight 24-8
4th Bernard Lees peg 22 weight 24-0
5th Matthew Knowles peg 25 weight 22-4
6th Derek McGarry-Clayton peg 26 weight 22-3
7th Mark Fairley Peg 10 weight 14-12
8th Peter Griffin peg 12 weight 12-12
9th Gary Eaton peg 11 weight 12-0
10th Chaz Dowsing peg 21 weight 10-15
11th Lee Shaw peg 23 weight 6-08
12th Paul williams peg 24 weight 6-04
13th Paul Wyton peg 20 weight 4-03
14th Paul Tuffy peg 19 weight 3-03