Junior Championship Final 2022
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Junior Championship Final 2022

Tonight was the final match of the junior calendar for 2022. It was to be a points match and anglers are awarded points for the different types of fish caught. It was close at the top of the table this season with only 1 point between Zac Eaton and Lewis Urmston. Each drew really good pegs and the match was under way. Both of these young anglers are a credit to the club this season with the weights of fish caught in the previous matches.  Zac was seen to be catching some great roach and perch, whilst lewis had a good size Ide. Seb on his only second match was also catching fish as was Charlie who was on the overflow.  The all out cry was heard and it was Cain Blackburn who was counting this fish from each peg.

1st Zac Eaton Points 76 Peg 5 10 points
2nd Lewis Urmston Points 30 Peg 3 9 points
3rd Charlie  Points 13 Peg 7 8 points
4th Seb points 12 Peg 4 7 points

The result gave Zac a 2 point lead in the final table of the junior championship and the title for 2022. It was close and all the junior anglers at RWAS did really well.

Well Done Zac !!!!!!

2022 RWAS Junior Champion