Ralph Leach match
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Ralph Leach match

A cold autumn morning at healey dell had 10 members fishing for the Ralph leach trophy. Pegs were drawn and members went off to site their boxes and put in nets. For me this was only the second match of the season due to work and family commitments but i was happy to be back in the dell. Things started to go wrong before even the all in shout as i knock my entire tub of bait into the lodge leaving me with little options available. The time passes so quickly when fishing and before long i checked my phone and it was 1130am where had time gone. I managed to start to catch little silvers but nothing of any size seems to be present on my drawn pegs. I had a reed bed to my left and a lilly pads to my right which i started to bait up with small amounts of ground bait and micro pellets. I continued to fish just over the bait which i could see was fizzing with small roach. Nothing of any size was presenting but a few small roach. Beside my peg i could see other members fishing 16 meters poles droping pots of bait out and tapping the water but i couldn’t see any large fishing coming out. The all out signal was given and Matt Knowles was carrying out the weigh in scales towards my peg. For a total of 5 hours continuous fishing i managed 1lb and 9oz which i was embarrassed about. I walk around to recorded the weights and several members were in the same boat as me with little oner a pound in weight. I could tell from the beaming smile on Matt face that he had something special in his keep net and on arrival to peg 15 he produced 2 nets of carp with a total weight of 35lb. I not saying its the luck of the draw but peg allocation is a big part, in saying that you still have to catch the fish that are in your peg. Well done to all who turned up to the event.

1st Matt Knowles 38lb 8oz and winner of the club championship 2022

2nd Ste Vickerman 12lb 9oz

3rd Lee Shaw 6lb 8oz

4th Paul Wyton 6lb

5th Paul Williams 3lb 9oz

6th Simon Kershaw 3lb 4oz

7th Gary Eaton 1lb 9oz

8th Peter Griffin 1lb 8oz

9th Ian Howarth 1lb

10th Nicola Chaplin 8oz