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Committee Meeting 21-1-2021

Microsoft Teams Committee Meeting 20/1/21

Present– Gary, Alan, Mick, Matt, Dan, Bob, Chaz, Brian, John and Chris.


Apologies – Gaz, Damion and Mark.


Minutes from last meeting– Alan hadn’t brought them with him


Presidents Report– Gary reported it had been a difficult year with COVID but the club had grown in size. Out of the 280 members 123 were still left to pay.


Secretary Report– Alan states he has been working on the foundations for the welfare unit but due to the weather it will be left until the spring.


Treasure Report – Mick went through the fact he still had no access to the bank account. We had plenty of money as subs were incoming. He had paid for the lease at syke and a bill for insurance and angling trust had been set up.


Match Secretary – Absent from the meeting


Fishery officer– Matt had applied for a grant of £4000 towards the back water which had been agreed. A discussion took place about the back water and its usage. It was agreed by the committee that works officer for Healey dell would be Matt and work at Syke would be Chris. Any correspondence would come through these officers. Members wishing to help would deal directly with Matt or Chris and they would feed back into the committee with an update. Gary stated that we had got an extension on the crook hill grant.

Alan would contact Gordon and Barry to Liase with Chris about the work on Syke.


Bailiffs Report– Matt claims there has been people fishing all winter with no problems. John also suggested the same.  Matt said the 3 bailiffs for the EA had completed DBS and patrol our waters. He said that anyone found on our waters could report them to the police. Brian also stated that they need to report it as a breach of the peace.


Social media– Going really well with the new website and have had loads of people comment on how it works well. Clubmate is also doing really well.


AOB– Vacant committee position Matt nominated Mark Suthers which was seconded by Chaz. All in favour none against who were present 1 abstention from Gareth Watkins.


Alcohol and drugs on the water. With immediate effect there is NO alcohol or drugs allowed on any of our waters. People found in breach of this will face expulsion from the club.


Mains Electricity was mentioned but Mark F wasn’t present.


Gary Thanked everyone for getting online to join this meeting as it had been a while since our last. The committee agreed to continue with Teams meetings in the future.